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How do I buy Nice Cannabis Products?

Nice Cannabis is currently available on our website and in retail stores located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, New Jersey, and Georgia.

Why are you Named Nice Cannabis?

Nice Cannabis started out as an idea, that our brand could provide quality products that give our customers a truly nice cannabis experience centered around positivity, purity, and purpose.

How did you guys start?

Cultivated Industrial Hemp in 2019
Launched Farmers Foundry Distribution Company and Nice Cannabis Smokeable Flower Brand in 2020
Established a tight knit supply chain for all operations in North Carolina to introduced novelty cannabinoids to the market in 2021

What does Solventless Delta-8 mean?

Rather than using solvents when deriving Delta 8 from CBD, Nice Cannabis uses an array of natural acids that are commonly used in water clean-up efforts to produce Delta 8 distillate. Typically, solvents (such as heptane) are used in the conversion process and trace amounts can be left behind in final products. Solvents are dangerous chemicals to consume and if consumed in high enough concentration, they can be lethal. Nice Cannabis uses green extraction methods, therefore does not produce any hazardous waste. Ensuring all our products are clean and safe for our consumers and our environment.

Where does your Hemp come from?

North Carolina and South Carolina Farms

Are your products tested?

Yes! We thoroughly test our product’s cannabinoid potency and safety. Our purity is verified with NMR instrumentation (NMR instrumentation is used by the pharmaceutical industry to verify purity) and GCMS. Typically, cannabinoids are only tested with HPLC, which is not the most accurate method of testing some cannabinoids.

How do I turn on the device?

1. Quickly press the button 5 times to power on/off.
2. Press and hold the button to activate the device's pre-heat.